Cancer 06/18 - 06/24

Sunday, June 24, 2018
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Cancer Weekly Horoscope

Jun 18, 2018 - Jun 24, 2018 - Lovely Venus in your communication zone could pique your interest in getting out and doing something different. It’s a great week for a gathering of friends and enjoying fun times, especially if you’re willing to move in new circles. 

When it comes to your career and goals, ethereal Neptune turns retrograde on Monday, which could bring one or two realizations your way. They may not happen overnight, but you may become aware of the flaws in a plan or ambition over the coming days and weeks. When you do, that will be the time to act. 

The sun’s move into Cancer and your money zone on Thursday might encourage you to think about your financial security and consider how you can get your money to work harder for you. But be careful over the weekend because someone might try to dictate to you. If so, stand up to them.


You tend to be a bit idealistic when it comes to love, but what’s wrong with having faith that it will all work out? Besides, you don’t have time for details right now. You like to dream big and leave the rest up to someone else. 

You know where the line is later in the week, but you don’t mind stepping over it a few times. You equate rule breaking with excitement, but everyone has to color within the lines some of the time.


Jun 18, 2018 - Jun 24, 2018 - You’re the idea person. You like to start projects and then let someone else finish them. Hopefully, that’s where your partner comes in, but if you’re both procrastinators, the finished product could take a while to materialize. At least you know your strengths and weaknesses. 

If you push boundaries over the weekend, there will be consequences. You may not agree with the rules, but there’s a reason they exist.


The cosmos supports positive relationships with customers and co-workers. The energy could make you unusually moody. This is no time to be discouraged. View obstacles as challenges. Visualize what you want and be very clear in your mind that this is possible. The more focused you are in this, the better your luck will be in getting what you want and need. This is especially helpful if you're looking for a new job.


A harmonious aspect is likely to make you feel comfortable and respected this week. People are reaching out to communicate with you about all sorts of things, including your work and the money you're being paid to do it. Look to your career sector for new inspiration and ideas.


You may be obsessed with one particular health issue. Perhaps it's the desire to develop a toned body. Or maybe you're eager to lose weight and can't get this idea out of your head. Give yourself some leeway and look at your health initiatives from a number of perspectives. Chill out!


This could be a busy week, astrology wise. With ethereal Neptune entering its retrograde phase on Monday, you could have insights over the coming weeks and months that lead to a breakthrough if you’re willing to act on them. 

Then chatty Mercury makes harmonious links to upbeat Jupiter on Tuesday and elusive Neptune on Wednesday. An offer might come your way, but make sure that it’s solid before committing to anything. 

On Thursday, the sun moves into Cancer for a four-week stay, encouraging you to pay attention to your feelings and indulge in some self-care. Lovely Venus opposes feisty Mars on that same day, so there might be an attraction to someone who’s unobtainable, at least for the time being. The weekend could bring a war of words, so tread very carefully if you want to stay in someone’s good books.


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