Black Men Month

Wednesday, June 14, 2017
Slay Magazine
honors Black Men in June to Break Media Stereotypes

CHICAGO, IL (May 31, 2017) Publicist & Social Media Coordinator SamanthaLynn Jordan initiates a Social Media Campaign to highlight Black men and their contributions. The Black Men Month is a social media campaign to honor and uplift Black Men. The purpose is also to debunk the myth and stereotypes of Black men by sharing positive images and stories. The social media campaign is slated to start June 11th and end on June 30th.  African American media outlets are encouraged to write articles about Black men and engage social media audience to join this effort. 

“The goal is to change the perception of Black men, especially in the media, stated Publicist & Social Media Coordinator SamanthaLynn Jordan. If African American media outlets can write about entertainment and gossip, surely they can highlight Black Men Month.” The Black Men Month social media campaign is seeking media partners and bloggers that will highlight Black Men Month and their websites and write articles about Black celebrities that are making a difference in their community. Black Men Month will start June 11-30.  Each week will highlight different stories and images of Black men to engage social media influencers and community members.

June 11-17th -Father’s Day Week Highlight/Shout-Out (Showcase pics & videos of fathers, quotes and messages  dismantling the stigma that Black men are not good fathers)

June 18-24th- Black Men that are making a difference in their community (Showcase pics/videos and articles on social media of Black men making a difference in their community)

June 26-28th- Black Husbands/Black Marriage (Articles, Images of Black Couples and Black women honoring their husbands, boyfriends, etc)

 June 28-30th- How much Black Men to you/community. (Encouraging social media to upload images & videos of how important Black men are to US, our community, and the world). 

“With so much happening in our community, I think it's so important to uplift Black men. I am looking for bloggers to write an article about Black Men Month the month of June and using the hashtags we provide to create a trend by posting on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and maybe Snapchat, said SamanthaLynn Jordan. This will not only honor Black Men, but will also show our children unity between Black men and women. This will also show our young Black men that we do value, respect, and love them.”


The Black Men Month social media campaign will share stories on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram with the hashtags #BlackBoyJoy #BlackMenMonth #RespectTheKing#BlackMenMagic. The Black Men Month social media campaign would also love to have African American brand influencers support this initiative to get the word out about this on blogs, with celebrities, and organizations. For more information contact SamanthaLynn at


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