Beauty and Brains Scholarship Brunch

Friday, August 25, 2017
Da’Naja (NAtoriously Fierce™) Mosley
Empowerment Comes Full Circle

When given the chance, girls can change the world! We know that when a girl realizes her power, she can be an agent of change for herself, for her community, and country. The 2nd Annual Zerlene Rogers Beauty and Brains Scholarship Brunch was definitely a memorable afternoon of Empowerment and Inspiration to girls everywhere to Learn, Lead, Decide, and Thrive!

Among the long list of impressive panelist were Zerlene Rogers (Celebrity Hair Stylist & Founder of Beauty and Brains), DeDe McGuire (Host of ‘DeDe in the Morning’ on K104 FM), Pastor Cora Jakes- Coleman, Judge Shequitta Kelly (Dallas County Criminal Court #11), K.C. Fox (Civil/ Social/ Women’s Rights Leader), DJ Poison Ivy (Official DJ of the Dallas Mavericks & Dallas Wings), and Debra Nixon- Bowles (Founder of Women Called Moses C&O along with other special guest, and some Dallas’s elite make- up artists, hair stylist, and stylists!


Keynote speaker DeDe McGuire shared her “DeDe’s Dozen”, a 12- step guide to help navigate throughout adolescence. Of the dozen, these 3 keys to success stood out to me: 1.) Keep God 1st, 2.) Life is about choices (Choose Right), and 3.) Decide (Every accomplishment begins with a decision to try) which I will implement daily as I begin my new journey- 6th grade. There were remarks from some of the other panelist/ special guests whom all emphasized the importance of learning from failure and that being an empowered young woman ultimately means empowering yourself but also using the resources, mentors and references around you to get where you are going. That’s what I think makes great women great! Perhaps the number 1 take away from the Zerlene Rogers Beauty and Brains Scholarship Brunch is that we are in control of our own destinies #OwnYourPower.

The Zerlene Rogers Beauty and Brains Scholarship Brunch was so much more than an event it was truly an amazing experience from an afternoon filled with Etiquette Training 101, Food for the Soul catered by Southern Best Catering, Photo Booth, Give-a-ways, Gifts, Essay Winners Announced, Beauty and Brains DeDe McGuire Scholarship Recipients Announced, Jackie Eubanks Young Entrepreneur Scholarship Recipients Announced, and Fashion Showcase featuring 3 different hair, make- up, and fashion looks that are easy to achieve/ recreate for the school day, after school events, and after- after school events. Most importantly, young ladies had the opportunity to sit with and talk to empowering women whom were ready and willing to share their keys to success and what Beauty & Brains means to them.

Meet the Beauty & Brains behind the Movement Mrs. Zerlene Rogers! Check out what she had to say during my Exclusive Interview at the Beauty and Brains Scholarship Brunch Sunday August 13th, 2017 right here with SLAY Magazine. 

Image result for zerlene rogers

Zerlene Rogers, Celebrity Hair Stylist, has answered a call to action. She is on a mission to impact the lives of junior high and high school aged girls at one of the most impressionable times in their lives. It is no secret that teen girls are faced with a variety of challenges and while some are equipped with the skills to overcome, others need support. Beauty & Brains will be that support. Zerlene and a team of professional women share a commitment to uplift, support, and empower these young ladies.

(Da’Naja) “What is your ultimate goal or achievement that you would like to reach with your organization?”

(Zerlene) “I would like to reach as many young women as I can to inspire, uplift and encourage them and to get as many through college as possible.”

(Da’Naja) “What does beauty and brains mean to you?”  

(Zerlene) “That’s complex question because it means a lot to me. Beauty and brains is inside out for me. You have to be beautiful on the inside and it will always show on the outside. You also have to have education, when you open your mouth you need to have something to say intelligent that people will want to hear. Beauty won’t carry you alone and Brains won’t carry you alone, but being a beautiful person inside out will carry you far in life.”


Thank you for allowing me to be a part of something so amazing! I would also like to thank you and Mrs. Jackie Eubanks for believing in me and investing in my dreams, I am beyond honored to be a recipient of the Jackie Eubanks Young Entrepreneur Scholarship! It was an absolute pleasure to conduct your exclusive interview, thank you for SLAYING with me and SLAY Magazine! May God continue to Bless you abundantly always!

Make sure you connect with Zerlene Rogers Beauty & Brains on social media for all upcoming events, to participate and/ or contribute!

If you want to check out some of the video & pictures on social media from the 2nd Annual Zerlene Rogers Beauty and Brains Scholarship Brunch, simply search some of the following hashtags #ZRBrunch #ZRBeautyNBrains #BeautyAndBrains #TheSlayMagazine #SlayMagazine #SlayOnTheScene #NAtoriouslyFierce on social media!


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