Belly Fat Loss

Thursday, September 24, 2015
Slay Magazine

It is important to learn how to train your abdominal area. Belly fat is the hardest fat, on both women and men, to lose. Here are five tips to train and lose belly fat:

1. Drink water.

2. Drink natural green tea.

3. Workout your abdomen every day.

4. Use a sauna three days a week.

5. Eat a spoonful of avocado every day.

One thing about belly fat is that there are a variety of things that cause it other than not exercising. Some women can never lose belly fat no matter what they do. This is because they could have a dominant amount of estrogen or a health issue. In this situation, a consultation with a doctor is in order. Drinking water out of plastic bottles can cause bloating. Doing too much cardio without lifting weights can also cause you to feel and look bloated. That is exactly what is happening. When you run for hours or jump rope for thirty minutes straight, you activate a stress hormone, which ultimately brings bloating. If you incorporate weightlifting with your cardio, you activate your brown fat cells which makes you burn more fat.

Here is an example of an effective workout:

1. Warm up on a cardio machine for 10 minutes.

2. Proceed to weightlifting for 10-15 minutes. (If you're a beginner, lift light to moderate weights.)

3. Switch back to cardio for 5 minutes. (tempo training, plyometrics).

4. Switch to weight training.

5. End with stretching.

Do this work out for 45-60 minutes. Beginners should only work out for 30 minutes. Afterwards, you should relax in a sauna. Remember, our bodies are always changing and our workouts have to follow. You can't do the same thing all the time and expect change.

By: Alexandra Johnson


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