August Awareness

Sunday, August 11, 2019
LaTarsha Towers
What awareness is for the month of August?

Did you know that August is National Immunization Awareness Month (NIAM)? NIAM is designed to spotlight the importance of ensuring that everyone regardless of their age receives the appropriate vaccinations? Research shows that there are some people who do not believe in vaccines. There are literally some parents who will not allow their children to receive vaccinations and will find avenues of registering their children for school. I remember a conversation at the salon which I like to call "beauty shop talk" where one of the hairstylists advised that she does not allow her children to receive vaccinations. She stated that her oldest daughter was 11 years old and had not received any of the "required" vaccinations. She was discussing this with her client who was pregnant with her first child and enlightened by the information she was being provided. The stylist began to discuss the poisons that are in vaccines which could be true; however, what about all of the poisons, toxins, and life-threatening illnesses that your child can encounter if they do not receive their vaccinations? What about things such as Hepatitis that your child is not immune to due to not receiving their vaccine? I remember as a kid getting chicken pox not once but TWICE! Yes, it was the end of the world for me; however, the current vaccines prevent children from getting chicken pox at all which to me seems as if the vaccines are not as poisonous as others are proclaiming them. It also makes me wish they would have created these vaccines when I was a kid to save me from scratching all day.

As a parent, it is really important for me to ensure that my daughter received all of the vaccinations that she needed. Typically, I am aware of the needed vaccinations. I must say the vaccinations for 7th grade crept up on me. I did not know that there were specific vaccinations that 7th graders must obtain. This year my daughter is a 7th grader and I quickly found out about these vaccinations. After a frustrating morning of trying to locate a medical clinic for my daughter to receive her vaccinations and about $250 later, my daughter is currently caught up with her vaccinations until college. I was honestly upset that I did not know my daughter was missing vaccinations. It was only 2 vaccines; however, I continued to wonder "how did I forget them". Have you ever forgotten a vaccination for your child(ren)? Do you believe in vaccines for your child(ren)?


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