4 Facebook Groups You Should Know About

Friday, May 20, 2016
Slay Magazine

Facebook has grown into more than a portal used to connect with old classmates.  The social networking site has also become a major hub for business networking. Social media now plays a major role in marketing for businesses, both large and small.  Entrepreneurs not only advertise via Facebook, but the site has become home to many networking groups.  Here is a list of four Facebook groups aimed at networking and empowerment among women business owners. 

Black Women Promote For Free Founder: Tracy Millian-Turner

Black Women Promote for Free is a networking group in which relationship-building is encouraged. Members of the group share business ideas and serve as information resources for one another. The relationships developed within the group are not exclusively virtual.  Regional meet-ups are held, allowing group members the opportunity to meet in person and collaborate on business ideas. As the group evolved, its creator developed a business directory,www.blackwomensbusinessdirectory.com. For a nominal fee, a business owner can have her business listed in the directory. You do not have to be a member of Black Women Promote for Free to have your business listed in the directory.

DIVAs Founder: Sharon Murrell

This group was established by Sharon Murrell as an opportunity for women to uplift one another. Daily posts include inspirational quotes, posts about fashion, and other women-centered topics.  Each day has a theme. Business owners are given the opportunity to post advertisements on Sundays.  Other highlights of the group include a weekly business spotlight, and a directory of group members’ businesses.

The Network for Women in Business Founder: Toni Coleman Brown

This group’s mission is to train, connect and advance women in business. Activities within the group are centered on its motto: We educate to elevate women entrepreneurs. Group members post around daily topics (e.g. Motivational Monday, Transformation Tuesday).  Members can be updated about the groups sponsored activities on the website www.socialnetworkforwomeninbiz.com.

Entrepreneur Circle of Women Founder: Latosha P. Burch

In establishing this group, Latosha Burch aimed to bring together women business owners willing to support one another online and off. Group members encourage one another through uplifting testimonies of how and why they chose to start their businesses and the impact that entrepreneurship has had on their lives. Similar to the other groups listed, group members make daily posts about business accomplishments and milestones.

This list is comprised of just a few of the many business-networking groups on Facebook.  Do you have a favorite Facebook group? Tell us how your networking group benefits you.

By: Truly Charmed


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