2017 New Year's Diamonds and Bowties Gala

Sunday, February 5, 2017
Slay Magazine
Taste of Miami

The 2017 New Year's Diamonds and Bowties Gala presented by Taste of Miami was an event to remember.

In the world of fashion, this show expressed the creativeness and dedication of expression through every piece. The show was energized from the opening doors with the DJ, until the closing. Everything needed to run a successful event was in place just as it needed to be.  The DJ brought the grooves to keep the atmosphere just right, the host made every guest feel VIP-privileged as they walked the well-lit red carpet upon entry, the Taste Of Miami had flavors for your buds, models were perfectly selected to successful display the hot designs from the designers. One designer was able to demonstrate the process of creating a garment through her imagination. The other designer showed how expression can be however you want it to be when creating garments; no matter how big, small or elaborate. This was definitely a must-see type of show. If you should ever get an opportunity to witness this type of event, I recommend that you experience this type of show at least once in your life.

The show’s marketing and casting was a team effort with Bivelyne Morris (a Miami designer) and Carline Merisier (chef of Taste of Miami catering). It also consisted of Mr. Dallas who is her very supportive husband/business partner. They attracted the show with marketing and promoting the people all around the Dallas Metroplex. Being confident that their new talents would be a unique addition to the city, they set forth to draw the interest of prospects everywhere to the experience. Being as though this was the grand launching for the caterer and the designer here in Texas, they had not really known of too many resources and connects in Dallas. In the midst of them networking with a local space during the casting, which recently closed down due to unforeseen issues, they encountered one of SLAY's very own SLAYMATEs. At that moment, they offered Our Slaymate an opportunity to participate in the show and perhaps to aid in other ways. After accepting the offer, their determined and humble demeanors took the event by the reigns and pieces started falling together all the way around.

The most anticipated date in the world was finally here. Parking was of no issue for there were parking spaces all around the Grapevine Convention Center. AMS events was sure that everyone was escorted in after monitoring their parking with no problems. Prospects walked the red carpet up the set of stairs and were able to get photographed upon entering the building. After which, they were escorted to a table and served food from the Taste of Miami Catering company. Ah, such a delicious aroma filled the air while others danced on the dance floor. No matter what age you were, everyone was treated like royalty. As the night went along, the models were transferred by limo services, compliments of the host of the hotel. Upon arriving to the venue, it was showtime.

For the fashion segment, it started with the well-known Antonio Wingfield and his assistant Darnell Sanders with The Fashion Opera line. Oh what vibrant imagination shined through this designer's clothing!

Following his line was the Bella Eve Collection by Bivelyne Morris. From Miami to Texas, she brought the line that strives to encourage relationships amongst family members, which will allow them to share the runway.

The Bella Eve Collection finally closed the fashion portion of the show with the "Beastmode" line, glorifying how she creates beautiful pieces within minutes.

WHAT”S NEXT? Everyone wants to know “What’s Next” for the Miami flavors! Find the Bella Eve Collection at the Fashion in the Snow runway event on February 4th.

Be sure to check out our social media @theslaymagazine to see more footage and images from this show. Also, find them on social media @bellaevecollection and @tasteofmiamicatering. Thank you Bivelyne, Carline, Dallas and AMS events for creating an amazing opportunity and event for the entire community. We all look forward to seeing Miami Slay in Dallas in the future.

By: Metra D'Sha - Slay Magazine Editor


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