20 Minute Workout

Friday, May 20, 2016
Slay Magazine

Have you been finding it difficult to get to the gym? Too many errands? Long days at work? Kids running around? I understand your struggle! Life can be stressful but exercise should definitely be a priority.  Exercise releases an endorphin which gets rid of stress and ultimately puts you in a better mood. Here is a great twenty-minute home workout to squeeze in your schedule!

1. Run in place.

2. Stretch.

3. Calf raises.

4. Squat.

5. Leg lift.

6. Burpees.

7. Jumping Jacks.

8. Wall jumps.

9. Reverse lunges (alternate legs).

10. Lunge pulses.

11. Wall sits.

12. Sit ups.

13. Reverse abs.

14. Six inch leg holds (on back).

15. Bicycle abs.

16. Plank.

17. Push ups.

18. Side plank (each side).

19. Run in place.

20. Stretch. 

Each step only lasts for one minute!  That concludes your workout! You can do this whenever you have time. Start with three days a week, if you’re a beginners. If you are more active, you should do it four to six times a week.

By: Blesh Fitness


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