10 Things Women Need in Order to Feel Completely Confident Relationships

Tuesday, June 13, 2017
Dee Moore
Comfort your woman

1. Priority

Women like to feel like the most important thing in your life.  Show her that she is a priority in your life.  It is true that some things take precedence over her. As a woman, she should understand; however, if she feels she's constantly taking a back seat to your priorities and decisions, it can spell disaster. Especially if she has been making sacrifices for the relationship.


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2. Compliments

Women love to hear compliments. However, since we are in tune with our feelings, we want to know how you feel about us, which goes further than a compliment based off of physical attributes.


3. Security

Most women long for feeling safe and secure in a relationship. It gives them the fortitude to work through issues when challenges arise in a courtship, marriage or relationship.


4. Understanding

Remember that song from Escape? If you listen to the entire song, you will learn exactly what a woman desire.  If you understand your woman, you can better communicate with her and channel her needs.


5. Comfort

Security means you are there, but comfort simply implies you know how to make her feel the warmth you have towards her.  It’s all in how your make her feel at ease when she is worried.


6. Appreciated

As women, we do a lot. It goes a long way to go outside of the norm to make her feel truly appreciated. If you do some of the things she is tasked with just to help take a load off of her day, she will feel appreciated.


7. Encouraged

Please be an uplifting force that she can confide her deepest secrets, dreams and aspirations.  This will definitely boost the intimacy in your life.  If she feels that you are on her side and aligned with her vision, there is no limit to where your relationship can go.


8. Romance

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Let’s face it, women are better planners than men.  So, when women think about a romantic evening, they tend to allow their imagination to run wild. However, if your woman is truly into you, it doesn't matter how extravagant, she will be happy that you took the time and effort to plan something especially for her. If you need help, solicit the advice from some of your relatives or close friends.


9. United

The "Us Against the World" concept helps quickly form tight bonds between you and your significant other. Let her know that you two are a force that no one can break.  If you can manage to do this, your relationship will withstand almost anything


10. Love

This by far is the simplest concept. If you truly love her, you have to not only tell her, but show her. You can't do one and not the other. If you tell her all the time but don't show her, your words mean nothing and vice versa.




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