November 14, 2019

Would you like your business or brand featured in Slay Magazine?



Feature requirements for photo submissions:
  • photos submitted must be unpublished (limit of three (3) photos),
  • photos submitted must be high resolution photos of 300 resolution or higher
  • photos submitted must be received as an attachment in a jpeg, png, or PDF file,
  • photos submitted must not be submitted to another publication,
  • photos submitted must not be sexual in nature, and
  • photos submitted must not be offensive to any person, ethnicity, or religion.

Feature requirements for interview requests must follow the above requirements in addition to:
  • media kit, professional resume, or talking points must be submitted as an attachment in a PowerPoint, Word, or PDF file.

(Note: A submission does not guarantee a feature; however, anyone not selected to be featured in the magazine will automatically be featured on our social media. You will receive an email advising if you are selected to be featured in the magazine or if your feature will be published on our social media outlets. Please be advised that our publication publishes quarterly.)

Slay Entertainment, LLC

Slay Entertainment, LLC is your one stop shop for full SLAYism. We are the hub for Slay Magazine, Slay Printing, and more. Contact us for your SLAY needs.

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